Task 3C: Views on love in two songs

In this task, you are invited to discuss two views on love, as presented in the lyrics from the two songs you have to analyse.

“Far from Me”

The lyrics belong to the song “Far from Me” performed by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. You can listen to the song here[1] if you like.

After listening to the song, you have probably realised that the lyrics are accompanied by a sombre melody and a mellow pace. The lyrics present a speaker addressing his loved one, who is now away from him. Although the two are soulmates, they are bound to stay apart; it is suggested that the distance between the two is caused by the speaker’s sweetheart, who has probably disappointed him in a way or another:

For you dear, I was born
For you I was raised up
For you I've lived and for you I will die
For you I am dying now
You were my mad little lover
In a world where everybody f**** everybody else over (p. 11, ll. 1-6)

The lyrics present the downfall of the relationship between the two: everything was “sublime” (p. 11, l. 24) and is now “ridiculous” (p. 11, l. 24). The girl is now living gladly away from the speaker, doing her best (p. 11, l. 16), while the speaker suffers because of the distance and begins to question their love:

Did you ever
Care for me?
Were you ever
There for me?
So far from me (p. 11, ll. 27-31)

In the end, the speaker reveals the reason why his loved one is away from him: she could not bear difficulties and she chose to break up with him:

You told me you'd stick by me
Through the thick and through the thin
Those were your very words
My fair-weather friend
You were my brave-hearted lover
At the first taste of trouble went running back to mother (p. 11, ll....

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