Task 3B: The relationship between Kathy and Tommy

In Task 3B you are asked to write a short story in which you develop the relationship between Kathy and Tommy, the two main characters in the extract from the novel “Never Let Me Go”.

In this part, we will only limit ourselves to giving you some points on the relationship between Kathy and Tommy as presented in the novel excerpt.

In the extract, Kathy seems to understand that Tommy’s aggressive reactions are caused by him being rejected by the other players, “left standing alone” (p. 9, l. 35) on the field, and being constantly mocked by other students.

She also tries to get closer to the boy and show her concern by warning him about his favourite T-shirt getting dirty:

"Tommy," I said, quite sternly. "There’s mud all over your shirt."
"So what?" he mumbled. But even as he said this, he looked down and noticed the brown specks, and only just stopped himself crying out in alarm. Then I saw the surprise register on his face that I should know about his feelings for the polo shirt.
 (p. 11, ll...

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