Task 1: Identify genre and discuss differences in language used in the two extracts

In Task 1 you are required to answer two questions which are related to the two texts in your exam set, "Never Let Me Go" and "What is mobbing?". Task 1A is related to genre, and Task 1B is related to language.

First, we will provide you with an outline of the texts and then discuss the two questions.


“Never Let Me Go” is an extract from the novel of the same name by author Kazuo Ishiguro which was published in 2005. The action takes place in a dystopian society and is constructed around the characters of three students - Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy - who develop a complex friendship.

In the extract in your exam set, Kathy, Ruth and other pupils are watching a football practice. Most of the pupils laugh at Tommy’s facial expressions, but Kathy is concerned about him ruining his new T-shirt, which the boy cares about a lot. As Tommy is not picked to play, although he is one of the best players, he snaps and begins making a scene on the field. At first, the students laugh, then they ignore him. When the students go back to the main house, Kathy approaches Tommy, who in his tantrum unintentionally slaps the girl. Kathy keeps calm and warns Tommy about his dirty shirt, reassuring him that the stains will go away. Tommy still seems to reject her help. Kathy re-joins the other students and Ruth comments upon Tommy’s bad attitude.

"What is mobbing?" is an entry from the website bullyonline.org which provides a definition of mobbing as compared to bullying. While bullying in general refers to all types of harassment, mobbing refers to the harassment done by a group led by a ringleader against a target person. The definition also describes the attitude of the psychopathic ringleader who selects other bullies who then become dependent on the leader’s commands.  

A: Genre

In Task 1A you are asked to identify the genre of each of the texts and give reasons for your answer. 

"Never Le...

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