Task 3D: The impact of chance meetings

In this part of the study guide, will focus on Task 3D in the exam set. You are asked to compare two or three English-language literary texts from your course and discuss how chance meetings have changed the characters’ lives and how important these chance meetings are to the development of the plots.

As we cannot decide for you which texts to choose and discuss, we will explain the concepts you are required to use and give you some general points about life changing meetings.

By character we understand a person or creature that interacts with others within a story. There are different kinds of characters in stories, and different ways to describe them.

By plot development we understand the progression of events leading to a resolution in a story. The events can be all types of challenges, making it difficult for the protagonist and exciting for the reader to follow.

By chance meetings we understand an encounter with someone/ something that is not planned or expected.

In your discussion, th...

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