Task 3C: The evolution of humankind

Here we will turn our attention to the two poems in Appendix 2: “The Machines Mourn the Passing of People” and “Quiet Joys of Brotherhood”

We will briefly outline each poem and give you some points you can use to compare the themes of the two poems and how they are conveyed, using examples from the texts.


The poem “The Machines Mourn the Passing of People” was written by Alicia E. Stallings and published on the website The Poem Tree. The poem is part of the author’s volume “Archaic Smile”.

Humanity is described by the machines as rude and disrespectful of machines: “We were kicked like dogs when we were broken” (l. 5)

The poem “Quiet Joys of Brotherhood” was written by Richard Farina and it actually represents the lyrics of a folk song by Mimi and Richard Farina. Richard George Farina (1937 – 1966) was an American writer and folksinger.

The lyrics talk about a time when love ruled Earth and connected everything in a brotherhood of nature. Animals and trees were all “living” in harmo...

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