Task 3B: Gender Relations

In this part, we will focus on Task 3B in the exam set. You are asked to compare how relationships between women and relationships between men are portrayed in at least two English-language literary works or films you have studied in your English course this year.

Relationships between women versus relationships between men

Since we cannot decide for you which text or film to use, we will limit ourselves to offer general opinions on the topic which can help you with your comparison

Consider friendships

Friendships can be dependent on multiple factors such as age, sexual orientation, culture, race and marital status. For example, some studies have shown that single women are more likely to become friends and see each other as confidants. Do you agree with these studies? Think about what happens to some friendships between women when one gets married, for instance.

Now think about men friendships. They are less emotional, less about finding a confident and more about quiet support and company...

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