Task 2: Children in third world countries

Here we will discuss the status of children in third world countries, based on two Amnesty International advertisements. We will present each picture and give you some suggestions you can consider when you interpret their messages and discuss how these messages are conveyed.


Picture 1 shows an African child wearing a sweater and short pants, posing against a wall. One of his arms is missing. The picture has the logo of Amnesty International and the following message with capital letters: “NO ARMS TO CHILDREN. PLEASE.”

Picture 2 shows the arms of a child tied behind his/her back.  From the rope that ties the child’s hands hangs a toy. In the upper right corner there is a tag with the message: “FREE CHILDREN FROM WORK”.


The two ads seem to be part of an Amnesty International campaign with regards to children’s rights in underdeveloped countries.

In your discussion you can focus on the next elements in the pictures:

The colours

Both pictures depict black children. The colours ...

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