Task 1: Women in British society

In this part of the study guide, we will give you some points to consider when you deal with Task 1 in the exam set. We will outline the text “Female Role” by Tanya Gold and concentrate on the language features and literary devices the writer uses to get her attitude to the expectations placed on women in British society across to the reader.

Outline: “Female Role”

The text “Female Role” is an adaptation of an article called “How schools prepare girls for a life of baking and Botox” by Tanya Gold. The article was published online on July 22, 2014, in The Guardian.

Taking her starting point in a report about a woman running a Botox business who won a popular show in Britain, called the Apprentice, the writer debates the role of women in society and how education shapes them.

According to Tanya Gold, today's shows and educational system promote the same stereotypes about women. Even if in business, women still take on classic roles, working in the pastry or beauty industry. Gold believes tha...

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