Task 3C: Values in literary works

In this part, we will focus on Task 3C in the exam set. You are asked to compare how two English-language literary texts from different literary periods reflect the values of the time in which each text is set. As we cannot decide for you which texts to choose, we will limit ourselves to give you an outline of the importance of settings in literary works and offer you some general points you could use in your comparison.

In works of narrative, the literary element called setting, includes the moment in time and the geographic location in which a story takes place.

Setting has been referred to as story world or milieu to include a context (especially society) beyond the immediate surroundings of the story.

Values are considered to be the qualities and ideas about life that speak to what is important to us and  help guide our behaviour and define who we are. Our values come from our beliefs, and are formed by our family, culture, life experiences, hearing other people’s beliefs and forming ...

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