Task 2: Effective Advertising

In the following section, we will focus on Task 2 and give some ideas and points to consider when you analyse an advertisement and evaluate its effectiveness.


The ad in Task 2 depicts an unwrapped cigarette inside which there is a body covered with a white cloth (sheet), with the following message, written in capital letters: “Light your pyre with your own hands!”


An advertisement is a medium of mass communication. Its main purpose is to:

  • Give information
  • Attract attention
  • Create awareness
  • Influence the behaviour of consumers

The advertisement you have been given to analyse is a campaign ad. It does not seek to persuade readers to buy something as marketing ads do. On the contrary, it tries to draw attention to an issue – in our case, the negative effects of smoking.

Questions for consideration

Below we list some of the points you can consider when analysing the ad:

First, look at the colours. The background is white, most of the cigarette is white, and the sheet covering the body...

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