Task 2D: Immigration Issues in American History

In Task 2D, you are required to discuss what you think a political cartoon is saying about immigration issues in American history and about current immigration issues in the USA.


America’s immigration history

The US has built its identity based on its immigration past. As you probably know from your history lessons, the American continent was officially discovered in 15th century after which it was massively colonized by European powers which almost led to the extinction of Native- Americans.


Current debate on immigration in the US

The current immigration debate in the US is quite a lengthy topic which we will only briefly outline bellow. However, we do encourage you to research more on the topic by reading President’s Obama “Address to the Nation on Immigration”[2]  or the article “Donald Trump wants to deport every single illegal immigrant - could he?”[3] .

In short, the current debate on immigration in the US has been caused by the big number- around 11 million people- of illegal immigrants residing in the US, most of which come from Latin American in general and Mexico in particular.

The two political parties in the US, Republicans and Democrats, have opposing views as to how to deal with the issue and reform the immigration system.

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