Task 2A: British Political Parties

Task 2A requires you to discuss a cartoon targeting British political parties and their policies. In what follows, we will outline each part of the cartoon and discuss what they suggest about the policies of each party.


The cartoon show proposed new flags for the UK from the perspective of each of the major British political parties.

UKIP or the UK Independence Party propose the flag to maintain the red stripes under a white background. On the red stripes it should be written “No Entry”.


British Parties’ Policies

In order for you to better understand what the cartoon is trying to convey regarding British political parties policies, you should also know what the actual flag of the UK stand for and some basic information about the policies of each party presented in the cartoon.

The British flag, also known as The Union Jack consists of a red cross representing England overlaid with the Saltire of Saint Andrew the patron of Scotland.

Consequently, the fact that in the cartoon the UKIP has taken out the Scottish symbols and has added the “No Entry” slogan, suggests that the party believes only the English are British and that the Scots should be out.

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