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Få hjelp til skriftlig eksamen i Samfunnsfaglig engelsk med Studienetts egen study guide for eksamenen som ble avholdt 3. juni våren 2015. Denne guiden veileder deg gjennom eksamenssettets oppgaver og tilbyr oppsummeringer, analyser og fokuspunkter.

Temaet for eksamen våren 2015 var "britisk og amerikansk samfunn og politikk". Under finner du spørsmålene som ble gitt:

Task 1
Short answers
Answer both 1a and 1b.

In the box below you will find an extract from a speech given by David Cameron just prior to the September 18, 2014 Scottish independence vote.
Comment on some of the language features and literary devices in his appeal and how they enhance his message. Support your answer by giving examples from the text.

Comment briefly on the irony suggested in the political cartoon below.

Task 2
Long answer
Choose one of the alternatives a), b), c) or d) below.

The protest song has a strong tradition in American society.
Read the lyrics from the two songs in Appendix 1 and discuss what the writers of the lyrics suggest about American society and institutions.

Using the information about the art work “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London”, the poem “Poppies” by Jane Weir and the pictures in Appendix 2 discuss how involvement in major wars has impacted British society.

Discuss the outcome of the American mid-term elections and what this has meant for the current political climate in the USA. In your answer you should include ideas based on the information in the text, the cartoon and the statistics below. 

Explain the popularity of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) today and considering the party’s results in the European Parliamentary Elections, May 2014, and in the UK general election, May 2015, explain the position the party has in the House of
Commons due to the electoral system in the country.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Samfunnsfaglig engelsk.

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Samfunnsfaglig engelsk eksamen | Vår 2015 | Study guide

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