Samfunnsfaglig engelsk eksamen | Vår 2014 | Study guide

Her er Studienetts study guide som gir deg hjelp og inspirasjon til eksamenssettet i Samfunnsfaglig engelsk, Vår 2014. Guiden vår veileder deg gjennom oppgavene ved å legge frem oppsummeringer, analyser og fokuspunkter. 

Eksamenssettet som ble gitt den 3. juni 2014 tok for seg temaer som politiske systemer, historiske begivenheter og borgerrettigheter. 

Vi hjelper deg med settets seks spørsmål:

Task 1
Short answer
Discuss how the critic expresses his opinion about the film The Great Gatsby through the language he uses. Use examples of language features from the film review in your answer.

Task 2
Short answer
Compare social conditions in present-day Britain with the social conditions depicted in the extract from the poem "A London Thoroughfare. 2 A.M." (1914) and the painting "Homeless" (1890).

Task 3
Long answer
Choose one of the alternatives a, b, c or d

The British political and electoral system normally provides a stable one-party government.
Discuss the outcome of the 2010 election in the UK and why this could not have happened in the USA.

The right wing of the Republican Party tried to shut down government in an attempt to force President Obama to delay his health care programme in the fall of 2013.
Using the information in the box below and what you have learned about the political situation in the USA, explain the reasons for the strong divide in American politics today and discuss what it is about the American political system that seems to invite this divide. 

The dates 22 November 1963 and 11 September 2001 resonate in American history.
Discuss how both these events have influenced the development of American society and whether they will continue to have an influence in the next few decades.

Using both the pictures and the texts below as your point of departure, discuss what is currently happening to the idea of freedom, privacy and civil rights in the UK and the USA.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Samfunnsfaglig engelsk.

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Samfunnsfaglig engelsk eksamen | Vår 2014 | Study guide

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