Task 2A: US 2016 elections

For this task, you have to discuss the consequences of the 2016 elections for the USA, bearing in mind that the American election is a long and drawn out process, where the primaries, conventions and often mean-spirited campaigning finally lead to the general election.

First, we will briefly present the American presidential election process and the outcome of the 2016 elections. Then, we will give you some points for discussing its consequences.

The American presidential electoral system

The American presidential election process is based on indirect election. Firstly, each political party (the most important are the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats) appoints a presidential nominee after conventions and internal elections within the party.

Then, each of the presidential nominees campaigns throughout the country while raising funds to support their campaign, as this part of the process is very costly.

On Election Day, citizens do not vote directly for one of the candidates, but for the appointed electors in each state.


The 2016 presidential elections

The two main candidates or nominees for the 2016 presidential elections in the US were Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party, and Hillary Clinton, representing the Democratic Party.

Throughout the electoral campaign, both candidates tried to smear each other’s reputation from time to time, attacking each other’s political platforms but also their personal flaws.

Donald Trump’s political platform was generally considered more conservative because he openly declared himself, among other things, to be:

  • anti-abortion
  • pro-gun ownership,
  • pro-strong punishments in the justice system,
  • anti-international trade agreements,


Possible consequences of 2016 presidential elections

When you discuss the consequences of the 2016 elections for the USA it is important to connect them with the political platform of Donald Trump, but also with the reactions of the international community upon finding out the election result.

The immediate consequences of the presidential elections results were a fall in financial markets, which subsequently recovered; accusations of Russian involvement (said to have helped Trump win); general public disappointment in many states and other countries; and the politically correct reactions of world leaders.

Some of the medium and long term consequences of Donald Trump’s election might be:


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