Task 2B: Minority experiences in literary works

Many literary and art works deal with the minority experience. Whether characters belong to a small ethnic group or an immigrants’ community, they all go through the feeling of being different from the majority. This sometimes leads to something positive. But most often, it has negative consequences , bringing up feelings of loneliness, isolation or lack of belonging.

In Task 2B, we will outline and discuss an excerpt from the book “Love Medicine”, by Louise Erdrich, which explores the lives of Native Americans. The excerpt is titled “Nector Kashpaw”, which is the name of the protagonist.

Outline - Nector Kashpaw

Nector Kashpaw was a Native American born in a respected family of his tribe. As he grew older, he felt special because he received a lot of attention and job offers. When he finished high school, he received a part in a Hollywood w...

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