Task 1A: The British in World War II

Task 1 focuses on the British in World War II. In Task 1A, we will look at two speeches by Winston Churchill and how he uses language to rouse the people at what was a dire time for the United Kingdom. The the two speeches we will look at are "Be Ye Men of Valour" and "Their Finest Hour" from 1940.

Task 1A: Motivational speeches

Before we discuss the language features of the two speeches by Winston Churchill, we will briefly outline the two texts.

By motivational speech, we understand a speech delivered with the intent of persuading the audience not only to accept the speaker’s arguments, but also to act on them. 

Both texts are excerpts from the speech known as “This was their finest hour” by British PM Winston Churchill. The speech was delivered to the House of Commons in 1940, during the Battle of France.

In Speech 1, Churchill presents the...

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