Task 3D: Racism in America

In this part of the study guide, we will turn our attention to Task 3D in the exam set. In light of American politics and social conditions, you are asked to discuss the following statement: It has been said that race is no longer an issue in the USA.

You are also encouraged to use four pictures as inspiration.


The four pictures in Task 3D depict President Barack Obama and the August 2014 race riots in Ferguson, Missouri. 

In picture 1, Obama is giving a speech from the White House. His expression looks serious and concerned. 
In picture 2 he is smiling and is probably giving a speech at a festivity.
Picture 3 depicts the angry protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of a young African-American man by the police. 
Picture 4 shows armed forces with their guns pointed at the protesters.

Questions for consideration

The election of an African-American president in the US, for two terms in a row, was certainly a positive development in surpassing issues of race. Nevertheless, the election of a president depends on multiple factors and is not always a reflection of society dynamic, especially since he is elected indirectly. Furthermore, the prot...

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