Task 3C: British politics and society

In the following section, we will focus on Task 3C in the exam set. We will outline the pictures in Appendix 2 and give you some points to consider when you discuss the impact some of the major developments and events in the United Kingdom over the last two decades have had on British politics and society.


Picture 1 shows British Prime Minister David Cameron and another politician giving statements to the public from a statement stand.

Picture 2 shows a map of Europe marking EU countries and a legend showing accession dates for each member state.

Picture 3 depicts Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the National Conversation in 2007. The event was a public talk on proposed changes in the Scottish Parliament and the option of Scottish independence.

Picture 4 depicts David Cameron with another political opponent, probably Gordon Brown. A plus is laid over David Cameron and an X over his opponent.

Picture 5 depicts a bus in flames, an image from the 2011 England riots triggered by the shooting of Mark Duggan by police forces.

Picture 6 depicts the British monarch shaking hands with former Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader Martin McGuinness.

Picture 7 is a newspaper page of the Evening London Standard from 2012. The headline is "Terror bombs explode across London". The page includes a photograph of two persons; a man is car...

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