Task 3A: Is Barack Obama a successful president?

In the next section, we will give you some suggestions you can use as inspiration when you discuss the extent to which you think Barack Obama has succeeded as President of the United States. 

Argumentative essay

Here, you have to write an argumentative essay. This type of essay relies on persuasion techniques. You have to state and argument your stand on a topic, using evidence such as facts, logical reasoning, and concrete examples. The structure of an argumentative easy should include:

  • An introduction where you state your position.
  • Background information on the topic.
  • A body where you support your position.
  • A conclusion summing up your main arguments and re-stating your view.


First of all, consider that Barack Obama is the first African-American president of the US and that he succeeded in holding office for two terms in a row. This indicates that he certainly enjoys some popular support. However, his presidency has been widely debated. Republicans and conservative people characte...

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