Task 2C: Endangered species

Task 2C invites you to read some information and statistics related to illegal poaching in Africa, and then asks you to discuss the issue of endangered species focusing on causes and effects on the environment.


Picture 1 presents a parade of elephants and contains the sentence: “Africa is home to the world’s most iconic wildlife”. It also shows an outline of the African continent, with several statistics on it:



When dealing with the issue of endangered species, try and think of the causes that push people to kill the animals. By poaching, we understand the illegal hunting and killing of wild animals all around the world.

As Picture 2 shows, rhino horns are usually believed to treat hangovers, impotence, fever and cancer, while ivory from the tusks of elephants is used to make trinkets, jewellery or utensils. Zebra skins are used for décor, but also for medicinal purposes, while baby gorillas become the subject of trafficking.

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