Task 2C: English-language media coverage of Ebola epidemic

Here we will offer you some suggestion you can take into account when you discuss what effect the English-language media coverage of the Ebola epidemic has had. We will base our discussion on two pictures and two short texts provided in the exam set.


Picture 1 is a cartoon depicting a reporter and a photographer trying to interview an Ebola patient on the hospital bed.

Picture 2 is a cartoon titled “A serious outbreak of stupid”. The cartoon shows two persons wearing protection suits and dragging a woman by force away from a crowd screaming “Quarantine her!!!”. The woman says “I came from the library, not Liberia”, and the persons carrying her answer “You can never be too careful”.

Media coverage Text 1 is a report on lawmakers and infectious diseases experts investigating the possibility of a terrorist attack with the Ebola virus.

Media coverage Text 2 is a report on one of the Ebola virus effects, stigma (shame, disgrace).  According to the report, those who had the virus or work...

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