Task 2D: Conveying messages

In the following section, we will approach Task 2D. You are asked to read two poems, discuss the issues they present and offer examples that show how the poets manage to convey their messages.

Poem 1

  • Title: “To a Lost Child”
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Genre: Poem

The poem written by an anonymous author presents the traumatizing experience of a child in a conflict zone. Although the child had dreams and ambitions, they were all shattered to pieces when the bombs destroyed the child’s home and all the things the child believed.

Poem 2

  • Title: “Not My Business”
  • Author: Niyi Osundare
  • Genre: Poem
  • Year of Publication: 1999

The poem written by Niyi Osundare is a manifesto against the political regime he has witnessed in Nigeria. In the poem, he describes the stories of various people who have been brutally taken from their homes by the representatives of the regime. The author declares that the stories are “not my business”. He states that, as long as he has something to eat, he is happy. One day, though, the “je...

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