Task 2C: Zaiba's experience of living in a multicultural society

Here we will look into Task 2C. You are asked to read an adapted excerpt from Zaiba Malik’s book, “We Are a Muslim, Please”. Based on what you have read, you are asked to compare Zaiba’s experience of living in a multicultural society with the experiences of other characters you have studied in your English course.

In what follows, we will discuss Zaiba’s experience as a woman between cultural identities.

Zaiba struggles with finding her identity. She sees herself both as Muslim and British.

When the Torturer tells her “No, you are not a true Muslim” (p. 8, l. 39), the statement obviously troubles her. Although she was not treated like other prisoners, she declares that “the Torturer had whacked me with seven words that made me want to scream and cry.” (p. 8, ll. 48-49)

She repeats “If only I had listened to Dad” four times in the excerpt, showing her regret of not remaining fully faithful to the tradition, her regret of following her Western desires. Zaiba was told by her father that “Our...

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