Task 2B: We Are a Muslim, Please

In this section, we will focus on Task 2B. You are required to read an adapted excerpt from Zaiba Malik’s book, “We Are a Muslim, Please”. Based on what you have read, you are asked to discuss the pros and the cons when it comes to the ways some Western news report what happens in other parts of the world.

The adapted fragments are part of the book called “We Are a Muslim, Please”, written by Zaiba Malik. The book was published in 2011. In what follows, we will outline the most important ideas found in the excerpt.

Outline: We Are a Muslim, Please

The fragments describe Zaiba’s struggle in finding her identity. She sees herself as both Muslim and British.

She explains the reasons for her arrest:

“I'd left Bradford in my twenties and moved to London to work as a journalist. And it was while I was filming a Channel 4 programme in Bangladesh about the growing influence of Islam in the country that I, along with my cameraman, Bruno Sorrentino, was arrested by government officials at the border ...

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