Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Vår 2013 | Study Guide

Få hjelp til skriftlig eksamen i Internasjonal engelsk med Studienetts study guide til eksamen våren 2013. Her får du veiledning i oppgavene og hjelp til å skrive sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter. 

Eksamenssettet ble gitt ut 30. mai 2013 og tar for seg temaer som globale utfordringer og å tilpasse seg fremmede land og kulturer. Spørsmålene finner du her:

Task 1
Short answer
All students are to do this task.
Read the three texts in Appendix 1.
Write two or three paragraphs in which you discuss what genre each text belongs to and comment on some of the language features of the texts. Use examples from each of the texts in your answer.

Task 2
Long answer
Choose one of the alternatives a, b, c or d below.

Task 2a
The three texts in Appendix 1 express different views on gap years.
Write a text in which you discuss the views conveyed and how effective gap years are compared to other ways of learning about foreign countries and cultures. 

Task 2b
One important global challenge is human rights violations. The pictures in Appendix 2 illustrate the ideas behind some of the articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are given in the captions.
Choose any three of the pictures. Write a text in which you reflect on the importance of the human rights issues raised by the pictures you have chosen and discuss what the message of each picture is and how effectively it conveys this message.

Task 2c
Using at least two of the English language literary texts or films you have studied in your English course this year, write a text in which you compare how they present different cultures and what they teach us about these cultures. 

Task 2d
Based on the illustration below, write a short story in which the theme is the process of adapting to a new culture for a young person who has come to study in an Englishspeaking country. Include all the stages of cultural adjustment suggested in the illustration. At the end of your story, write a separate paragraph in which you explain how you have made use of typical features of the short story genre in your text and what effect you hoped to achieve through using them.

Further help

If you need further help, we recommend that you read Studienett’s guide to written exam in Internasjonal engelsk.

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Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Vår 2013 | Study Guide

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