Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Vår 2012 | Study Guide

Dette er Studienetts study guide til skriftlig eksamen i Internasjonal engelsk våren 2012. Dette eksamenssettet ble gitt ut den 31. mai 2012 og dreide seg om globale utfordringer, multikulturalisme, klimaendringer og internasjonalisering av det engelske språket.

Denne study guiden veileder deg gjennom oppgavene og kan hjelpe deg med å lage sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter. Eksamenssettets spørsmål finner du her:

Task 1
Short answer
The text in the box below presents a programme offering international work experience for young people. 
Read the text "Svalbard Lifetime Experiences – Wilderness Management Programme" and answer both questions a) and b) below.

You and a group of students from your class are considering a school trip to Svalbard to take part in this programme.
Write two or three paragraphs asking the school administration to support your group’s application for this international work experience programme.

Write two or three paragraphs in which you point out how language features and literary devices are used in the text "Svalbard Lifetime Experiences – Wilderness Management Programme" to persuade readers to apply for the programme. 

Task 2
Long answer
Answer one of the alternatives a), b), c) or d) below.

Using two or three of the literary texts or films you have studied in your English course, write a text in which you compare the challenges the characters have to deal with because they are living in a multicultural society.

Using the four pictures and their captions in Appendix 1, write a text in which you explain the global challenges they address and discuss how they draw our attention to these issues.

Lara Logan is an award-winning correspondent for CBS’ "60 Minutes" and CBS News' chief foreign affairs correspondent. She has written an article about her experiences covering the Arab Spring in Cairo, Egypt.
Read Lara Logan’s article and the five reader comments on it in Appendix 2. Write a text in which you respond to the reader comments and discuss how cultural differences can interfere with the global media’s attempt to report news freely.

Read the comments in the box below on international English. Write a text in which you respond to these comments in a discussion on the status of international English in the world today. In conclusion state what position you think international English will have in the future. 

Further help

If you need further help, we recommend that you read Studienett’s guide to written exam in Internasjonal engelsk.

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Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Vår 2012 | Study Guide

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