Task 3D: International sporting

For this task, you have to write an essay in which you discuss international sporting as a means of promoting world peace and multicultural harmony, starting from four quotations.


The first two quotations support the idea that international sporting events create a context for peace and cooperation because they bring people of different nationalities, ages, or social classes together:

  • HM Queen Elizabeth II in her Christmas Message 2010: "I have seen for myself just how important sport is in bringing people together from all backgrounds, from all walks of life and from all age groups."
  • "In accordance with the Olympic ideal, international sporting events promote friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation between the nations and the peoples of the world."

The last two quotations contradict the idea that international sporting promotes peace and multiculturalism. On the contrary, they argue that international sports competitions promote extremist nationalism and national and monetary interests:

  • "Hosting international sporting events is mainly an opportunity to promote national prestige and commercial interests."
  • "Rather than promo

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