Task 3C: The pros and cons of WikiLeaks

For task 3, you are asked to write an essay in which you discuss the arguments for and against WikiLeaks, using two quotes as a point of departure.

The first quote describes WikiLeaks as a tool to raise awareness about how world leaders/governments use their power: "WikiLeaks is a true blessing. Finally we get to see what is really going on in the corridors of power."

The second quote makes a statement against WikiLeaks and presents the platform as a tool of misinforming the public and leading to diplomatic conflicts: “Wikileaks is information given totally out of context and spread around the world without accountability. It will cause serious problems for international diplomacy.”

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation (NGO) which releases secret information, classified media, or news without revealing its sources. The NGO functions mostly through a webpage opened in 2006 from Iceland. In the last ten years, the platform has made public very sensitive information related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to the US spying on its allies and many others, often causing international tensions.

Arguments for WikiLeaks

The strongest argument for WikiLea...

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