Task 2B: Lack of education in the developing world

For Task 2B, you have to discuss the problems that can arise due to a lack of education in the developing world, based on the article “Former child soldier says education is key to creating your own stories” and the extract from the UN Millennium Development Goals report in Appendix 3.

We will give you an outline of the two sources and offer you some points for a discussion of the topic.


“Former child soldier says education is key to creating your own stories” is part of an article on education in third world countries.

The article presents Deng Thiak Adut, who was born in South Sudan and moved as a refugee in Ethiopia. He subsequently became a child soldier for Sudanese People Liberation Army until he was rescued by the UN. He moved to Australia where he taught himself to read and write and where he eventually became a refugee lawyer. Deng argues that education—specially being taught to read and write—are important tools of empowerment because without them people depend on what others tell them.

The extract from the UN Millennium Development Goals Report presents information about the level of education in developing regions. According to UN figures, enrolment in primary education reached 91% in 2015 in developing regions, but 57 million children are still out of the primary educational sy...

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