Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Høst 2015 | Study Guide

Studienetts study guide for skriftlig eksamen i Internasjonal engelsk fra høsten 2015. Med denne guiden blir du veiledet trygt og godt igjennom alle oppgavene i eksamenssettet. Her finner du sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter.

Dette eksamenssettet ble gitt ut den 26. november 2015 og tok for seg emner som interkulturelle møter, tverrkulturell kompetanse, globale utfordringer og illegale immigranter. Spørsmålene finner du her:

Task 1
Answer both tasks 1a) and 1b).

Read the two texts below.

Compare how the language in the two texts in the box below reflects the purposes behind them. Use examples from each of the texts. 


Using the picture as your point of departure, write a short text on the challenges of identity in the English-speaking world.

Task 2
Answer one of the alternatives a), b), c) or d).

Discuss the intercultural-competence issue raised in the text and picture below and compare this with other intercultural issues raised in literature or films you have studied this year.

In the extract from Between the Assassinations by Aravind Adiga in Appendix 1 we read about the life of a young boy named Keshava and his brother Vittal on the streets of a town in India. The text touches on some global challenges.

Discuss the problems Keshava faces in life and compare his experiences to what other English-language texts and/or films have taught you about similar global challenges.

Using the material provided in Appendix 2, discuss the causes and consequences of and possible solutions to the current problem of migrants being illegally transported to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.

Read the article from the BBC and the information from the ICSR homepage in Appendix 3.

Discuss the issues they raise and other possible advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in the global world.

Further help

If you need further help, we recommend that you read Studienett’s guide to written exam in Internasjonal engelsk.

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Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Høst 2015 | Study Guide

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