Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Høst 2013 | Study Guide

This is Studienett’s guide to the exam set in “Internasjonal engelsk” in Fall of 2013. 

In this guide we help you with summaries, analyses and focus points in the preparation material and we guide you through the tasks in the exam set.

Task 1
Short answer
Read the advertisement in the box below from a Scottish tourist company and answer questions a) and b). 

Write one or two paragraphs in which you comment on at least three different language features used in the above text to persuade readers to take a holiday in Scotland and visit the Up Helly Aa festival. 

As the text "Up Helly Aa" shows us, the locals of Lerwick have borrowed Viking customs to make an elaborate and thematic festival, perhaps not so odd, considering Lerwick has a Viking history. Today, due to globalization and international commercialization,
Norwegians are doing something similar when they borrow such Anglo-American customs as Halloween and Valentine’s Day.
Write two paragraphs in which you comment on whether borrowing customs from other cultures is a positive or negative trend.

Task 2
Long answer
Choose one of the alternatives a), b), c) or d):

In your course you have studied global challenges through English-language literature and films.
Write a text in which you reflect on how effective a literary text and a film have been in raising your awareness about one or two global challenges. Use examples from each work.

In the extract from the novel Honour by Elif Shafak in Appendix 1 we read about Iskender Toprak, an immigrant boy in the UK, his sister Esma and his friend Arshad.
Write a text in which you discuss what the extract reveals about being an immigrant and compare this to the experiences of another immigrant character in a film or literary text from your course.

Using the statistics in Appendix 2 and the quotations in the box below, write a text in which you discuss the global refugee problem.

For years young people have taken internships, which means that they join a company or an organization for a limited period of time to gain work experience in a profession or business. This has become an increasingly popular way of working abroad. But as with most things in life there are two sides to the story.
Using the material in the box below, write a text in which you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being an intern in a foreign country and whether you would consider working as one.

Further help

If you need further help, we recommend that you read Studienett’s guide to written exam in Internasjonal engelsk.

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Internasjonal engelsk eksamen | Høst 2013 | Study Guide

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