Task 2D: Cultural diversity and integration

In this section, we will focus on Task 2D. You are asked to read some fragments from letters to editors. Then, you are asked to write a text in which you discuss and compare the benefits and challenges of multicultural societies in two English-speaking countries. You must keep in mind that many countries in the English-speaking world are multicultural, and are trying to find a balance between cultural diversity and integration.

In what follows, we will outline the ideas found in the fragments of letters provided in the material. Each letter presents the situation of different countries.


The first fragment presents the situation of Australia, when it comes to cultural diversity and integration.

Chloe, the one who signs the letter, says that most Australians see immigration as “an enrichment of our culture” (l. 7-8), although there used to be a history of discrimination in the country.

Chloe writes that, for a perfect communion between cultures, immigrants should make the effort of learning the language and of respecting the same values and institutions.


Raymond presents the way he sees cultural diversity and integration in America.

In his opinion, America is a country of immigrants.

Raymond cannot accept that immigrants do not value America in the same way as they value their home countries. He cannot accept the fact that immigrants “refuse to adapt to the American way” (ll. 5-6).

He insists that, in order for a society to function, it needs to have “a common core of (...) values” (ll. 10-11).

The UK

Hugh explains that the British have always been tolerant towards immigrants.

However, he explains that the 2005 attacks have made the British reconsider their attitudes.

Nowadays, British people ask themselves if “are there immigrant communities in Britain whose loyalty lies with other countries?” (ll. 6-8).


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