Task 2C: Censorship of English-language media

Here we will take a look at Task 2C, related to the role English-language media plays internationally. You are asked to read some statistics. Then, you are asked to write a text in which you discuss why some countries try to ban or censor these media, and why journalists and photographers are often attacked or killed.

In what follows, we will present some of the conclusions of the statistics:

  • From 1992 to 2012, statistics show that 911 journalists have died in countries that try to censor the media.
  • Iraq is first in the top of the deadliest countries in the world. 151 journalists have been killed there from 1994 to 2012.
  • The victims were working prominently in the following fields: politics (29%) and war (24%).
  • The majority of victims come from the Western part of the world.

In the next part, we will offer you some questions that can help you come up with a proper answer for your task. We will also try to explain some of the reasons why disasters like those presented in the statistics still happen.

Questions for consideration

First of all, why is English-language media so important? Think about the fact that Western publications have the possibili...

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