Task 2B: The world then and now

In this part of the study guide, we will focus on Task 2B. You are asked to read Margaret Atwood’s short story “Time Capsule Found on the Dead Planet”. Then, you are asked to write a text to future generations in which you explain what the world used to be like and what has happened to it, asking forgiveness for what we have left them.

When writing the text for future generations, you should think about the form you want your text to take. We suggest you focus on the letter format, which can help you convey your message in a coherent manner, while also keeping in mind what is asked of you. You could write an apology letter, even if you do not follow its traditional template closely. This is what your letter should have:

An introduction, in which you take responsibility for the changes created by mankind.

A body, in which you describe what the world used to be like and what has mankind done to change it for the worse.

An ending, in which you ask forgiveness. Also, you could add a piece of advice for the future generations and explain what you could have done differently.

In what follows, we will o...

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