Task 1: "Professional Football against Hunger"

In this section of the study guide, we will focus on Task 1. You are asked to read three texts related to "Professional Football against Hunger". Then, you are asked to compare the three texts in terms of language devices and their effects, by using examples from the texts.

In what follows, we will outline the main ideas present in each text.

Text 1

The text presents the desire of The Food and Agricultural Organization to contribute to giving all people access to quality food.

For this to happen, people need to know about the organization’s purposes and needs.

The organization has chosen the best representatives for their cause: professional football players.

The "Professional Football against Hunger" is a campaign where professional football players militate against hunger through marches, exhibitions, and various social media devices, in order to get their message across.

Text 2

The text is an explanation of how the "Professional Football against Hunger" campaign was initiated.

The 191 member nations present at the biennial conference decided unanimously to implement the project called "Professional Football against Hunger".

The project has the role of helping The Food and Agricultural Organization in its mandate to improve the growth of the world economy.

Text 3

The text is a manifesto for The "Professional Football against Hunger" campaign.

People are encouraged to take part in the project and help football players in their war against hunger.

In what follows, we will discuss the language devices used in each text and their effect on the reader.

Language devices

Text 1

Text 1 is written in a simple, rather informal style, and the author addresses the reader directly through pronouns: “you” (l. 2). The pronoun “you” is repeated several times in the text. The reader feels engaged with the subject and has the sense that the text was written especially for him.

The pronou...

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