Task 3C: Poverty

In this part of the exam, you need to write a manuscript for a speech for an international seminar on poverty organised by a group of political youth organisations. The title of your speech is "What should we do?".

In what follows, we will present the information and quotes in “Vedlegg 2” on poverty and give you some ideas on the topic of your speech.

Firstly, you should pay attention to the quote included in the task assignment from the Make Poverty History website:


Book extract

In “Vedlegg 2”, there is some information from Kaye Stearman's 2003 book, Poverty.

In the excerpt, the author presents the discrepancies between rich and poor, arguing that both wealth and poverty are increasing. While the richest 20% of people own 80% of the wealth, the rest of the world’s population needs to share the remaining 20% of the wealth.

In the text, you can also find hints to possible solutions which you can include in your speech. For instance, the excerpt argues that the world produces enough food, yet “almost 800 million people – 1 in 7 of the world's population – go hungry” (p. 13, l. 7).


Quotes on poverty

“Vedlegg 2” also includes several quotes on poverty. The first quote is against erasing the debts of poor countries who cannot repay them, arguing that it is “unfair to other poor countries which have not taken bigger loans than they can repay” (p. 13, ll. 16-17). Also, the fourth quote argues that poor countries are subsidising rich countries because of the sum added to their initial loans: “"Today developing countries spend $13 to repay debt for every $1 they receive as aid. The poor countries are subsidizing the rich countries and it is a great shame."” (p. 13, ll.  23-24)

Reflect on whether you agree with these statements or not.

A possible solution to this problem might be erasing world debt all together (from both rich and poor countries) and restarting the global economy from zero.


“What should we do?”

Apart from the general solutions mentioned above, the task also requires your speech to answer the question “What should we do?” taking into account that the seminar is an international one and organised by a group of political youth organisations.

Political youth organisations do not have any legislative or executive power within states. However, they can still take action regarding poverty. For example:


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