Task 2: Interpreting Graphs

Task 2 requires you to write one or two paragraphs summing up and commenting upon the information you can read out of the two graphs in “Vedlegg 1”.


Vedlegg 1 includes two graphs related to HIV distribution. 

Graph 1, titled “Number of people with HIV/ GLOBAL TRENDS” shows how the number of HIV-infected people has increased yearly from less than 10 million people in 1990s to over 30 million people in 2007.



When you comment on the two graphs you should reflect on some of the most important conclusions which can be drawn from them:

  • The number of HIV-infected people has been constantly increasing from 1990 to 2007, although at a lower rate in the last years (graph 1)
  • The areas most affected by HIV are the developing countries, particularly those in Africa and Asia


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