Education's role in society | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2015 | Study Guide

Dette er Studienetts study guide til skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk fellesfag. Denne guiden veileder deg trygt igjennom alle de seks spørsmålene som ble stilt i eksamenssettet fra 21. mai 2015.  

Temaet for denne eksamenen var "utdanningens rolle i samfunnet". De seks spørsmålene finner du under:

Task 1
Short answer
Answer either 1A or 1B.

Your school is having an open evening for tenth-grade students and their parents. You have been asked to create a concise, informative text for this evening that promotes your education programme. It should include information about your education programme,
what you learn, and the opportunities it gives you.

The texts below were written in connection with Mrs Woodholme’s retirement from her teaching position at Hazeldean Comprehensive School outside London. Compare them with regard to formality, language and type of text. Conclude with the impression you get
of Mrs Woodholme.

Task 2
Long answer
The following tasks are based on your preparation topic ”Education’s role in society”. Answer either 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D.

In the extract in text 7 from “Girl in Translation”, we learn that Kimberly from Hong Kong does well at school in the USA, and that this has a profound effect on her life. Create a text in which you compare Kimberly with one or two other characters, discussing the
importance of their education, school and life experiences. Use characters from Englishlanguage films, novels or short stories you have studied.

Give your text a suitable title.

In text 3 in the preparation material Graeme Paton argues that more young people should choose vocational studies instead of going to university. Create a text in which you reflect on this argument. 

Your text should include:
• the main arguments in text 3
• how and why your education programme is useful for society
• a discussion of who or what should determine a young person’s choice of education, such as interest, status, friends and family, employment opportunities or society’s needs

Give your text a suitable title.

In your English course, you have worked with an in-depth study topic related to your education programme. Write a text in which you briefly present your in-depth study topic. Then explain why you chose this topic, how you worked with it, and what you learnt from it
with regard to your education and your learning of English.

Give your text a suitable title.

Use some of the factual information in texts 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the preparation material, and other information you might have, to create a text in which you discuss how educational and social conditions may affect social mobility and equality in one or more English-speaking countries.

Give your text a suitable title.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Engelsk fellessfag.

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Education's role in society | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2015 | Study Guide

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