Task 2B: Developments and Changes

Here, we will concentrate on Task 2B. You are asked to create a text in which you inform tenth graders about a job that interests you. You are invited to use your own knowledge of development and changes in modern working life, and also information from Text 4 in the preparation material.

In what follows, we will outline the main points in Text 4 and include questions that can help you come up with creative ideas when dealing with the task:

Examples of how and why employees’ tasks and the working environment have developed in recent years

To answer this, consider technological advancement, such as the IT industry and the Internet.

Nowadays, almost all jobs involve some computer and internet knowledge. Do you consider these changes are positive or negative? Why?  Consider how the millennials in Text 4 see this: “They want companies to take advantage of technology and embrace Skype and Facebook. They want the freedom to use social media”. (ll. 4-5)

Positive and negative consequences of the changes you have described

Consider that technological innovations have...

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