Roles and Expectations | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2013 | Study Guide

Bli klar til skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk fellesfag med Studienetts egen study guide for eksamenssettet som ble gitt 23. mai 2013. Her vil du veiledes grundig igjennom alle oppgavene. Samtidig vil du få god hjelp til å lage sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter. 

Eksamenen i Engelsk fellesfag våren 2013 dreide seg om temaet "roller og forventninger". Eksamenssettets seks spørsmål finner du her:

Short answer
Write a concise answer to either 1A or 1B.

A workplace of your choice is planning to make a five-minute promotion video about the work they do.
Write a short text saying what you would include in the film.

Your text should include information about:
• the workplace and important places and people
• important jobs or work operations the employees carry out
• important tools and machines or equipment they use

Study this cartoon from the Preparation Booklet. Then do the task below.
This cartoon presents some typical British stereotypes in an amusing way. Choose at least two stereotypes from the UK or another English-speaking country, and write a short text where you discuss to what extent you think they are true. Refer to material you have
studied, and conclude with your opinion of national stereotypes.

Long answer
The following tasks are based on your preparation topic “Roles and Expectations”.
Write a comprehensive and thorough answer to either 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D.

Sara and Jasmine in Appendices 1 and 2 have different experiences of fitting into a new occupation and workplace, where newcomers might face high expectations. Write a text about the challenges of starting in a new workplace of your choice.

Your text should include:
• an introduction to an occupation and workplace of your choice
• what an employee can do to fit into the new workplace
• what an employer can do to help new workers settle in
• what co-workers can do to welcome new colleagues
• a discussion of what makes a good workplace for all
• a suitable conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your text a suitable title.

In Appendices 1, 2 and 4, you can read about people who change as a result of new situations, roles or expectations they encounter. Choose one of them and a character from a literary text or film you have studied who has also undergone change for similar
reasons. Write a text in which you compare and contrast their experiences.

Your text should include:
• an introduction
• a brief presentation and comparison of the person and character you have chosen
• a comparison of the changes they have gone through, with examples and quotations
• your reflections on how and why they have changed
• a conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your text a suitable title.

The expression “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is used in your Preparation Booklet (Appendix 3, first text). Based on this expression, write a short story called “Lovely cover, lousy book”.

Your short story must:
• be clearly set in an English-speaking country
• involve conflicting roles and/or expectations based on social norms and values
• include some dialogue
• have a surprising and/or humorous ending

Use the title: “Lovely cover, lousy book”.

In the excerpt from the novel American Dervish (Appendix 4), the immigrant girl Mina changes as a result of new demands and new-found freedom. Use the story about Mina as a point of departure to write a text about adapting to a new role or situation.

Your text should include:
• an introduction
• a brief explanation of how and why Mina changed
• a discussion of whether you agree or disagree with Mina’s choices
• your reflections on how best to adapt to a new role or situation
• a conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your text a suitable title.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Engelsk fellessfag.

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Roles and Expectations | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2013 | Study Guide

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