Saying "I'm sorry" and making amends | Engelsk fellesfag | Høst 2015 | Study Guide

Trenger du hjelp til skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk fellesfag? Med Studienetts egen study guide til eksamenen som ble holdt høsten 2015, får du ypperlig hjelp til samtlige av oppgavene i eksamenssettet.

Temaet for eksamenssettet som ble gitt ut den 19. november 2015 var "å si unnskyld og å gjøre det godt igjen". Her vil du få god hjelp til å skrive sammendrag, fokuspunkter og analyser i forbindelse med det gitte temaet. Finn eksamenssettets spørsmål her:

Task 1
Short answer
Answer either 1A or 1B.

One afternoon a truck lost a wheel on the M1 outside Nottingham, causing a pile-up in which seven cars were damaged, but without any casualties. A journalist was sent to interview the owner of the local garage where a mechanic had apparently forgotten to tighten the bolts after changing the tyres. The garage owner started by saying “We can all make mistakes. . . ”.

Write a short text for the local paper about the accident and the garage owner's response.

The poem “Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question” (Text 7 in the preparation material) presents one side of an awkward conversation between a Native American and another person.

Write a short text using examples from the poem to show how they both make this conversation so awkward.

Task 2
Long answer
The following tasks are based on your preparation topic “Saying ‘I’m sorry’ and making amends in the English-speaking world”.
Answer either 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D.

Many films, novels and short stories are based on characters who have done things that trouble their conscience, or ought to. Create a text in which you discuss and compare the regrets, or possible regrets, of at least two such characters. The characters must be from one or more English-language films, novels or short stories.

Give your text a suitable title.

The preparation material has examples of official apologies that have been given, or are called for. Create a text in which you present and discuss one or two issues where some people think authorities, institutions or groups should make amends for past or present wrongs. The issues must be related to an English-speaking country or countries.

Give your text a suitable title.

In one of the cartoons in text 1 in the preparation material, Robert Brault states: “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got”. 

Create a text in which you reflect on this statement. Link your text to one or more of the apologies you have read about or discovered in your preparation work.

Give your text a suitable title.

Create a text presenting some typical mistakes that might be made in the profession or trade you are aiming for. Then discuss how to put them right.

Your text should include:
• A presentation of the profession or trade you are aiming for
• Examples of typical mistakes that can have consequences for yourself, your employer, your colleagues, customers or clients
• A discussion of how to put these things right
• Your reflections on why it is important to say sorry and make amends

Give your text a suitable title.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Engelsk fellessfag.

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Saying "I'm sorry" and making amends | Engelsk fellesfag | Høst 2015 | Study Guide

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