Task 2C: Artworks and social issues

Here, we will look into Task 2C, dealing with how literature and films make people think about social issues and may influence their opinions and attitudes. In this task, you are required to write an article about a film or piece of literature that you have studied as part of your English course this year, which you think could have that kind of effect.

Since we cannot decide for you on which artwork to choose, we will limit ourselves to give you an outline of social issues and provide you with some general points you can use in your article.

Social issues

By social issue we understand a problem that is controversial and affects a significant number of people. It is often connected with aspects of morality, legality, good and bad. As a result, social issues become debated because of contrasting perspectives.

Below we list some of the most popular social issues. The list is by no means exhaustive and you are encouraged to add some of your own points.

  • abortion
  • states spying on their citizens
  • an...

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