Task 1B: Ambiguity of headlines

Here, we will give you some points to consider when you discuss the ambiguity of headlines in Task 1B and suggest an alternative, clearer version. In what follows, will outline and comment on each of the headlines, one at a time.

Remember that headlines are the titles of news or magazine articles. They are, as a rule, only four or five words long. Through headlines, the author tries to attract the interest of the readers by telling them what the story is about, in a short and appealing way. These are all the headlines in question:

  • A. Stolen laptop found by tree in local park
  • B. Sisters meet again after twelve years in checkout queue
  • C. Red tape holds up new bridge
  • D. Two ferries collide, one dies
  • E. Lawyers give poor free legal advice
  • F. Kindergarten kids make healthy snacks
  • G. Many passengers hit by canceled trains
  • H. South African miners refuse to work after death
  • I. Thief gets nine months in violin case
  • J. Off-duty nurse helps dog bite victim

A. Stolen laptop found by tree in local park

Did a tr...

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