Task 1A: Work emails

In the following section, we will give you some ideas on how to write an e-mail, in response to the notice included in the task.

Outline of the notice

The notice informs employees of a company that their employer is going through a financially challenging period. It then asks them to come up with comments and suggestions on proposed ways to improve productivity at the workplace.

Work e-mails features

Electronic communication is the main way of communication in the majority of workplaces. A work email is more formal than a text message and less formal than a letter. Most of the time, it follows the structure of a formal letter, but the content is shorter and more straightforward. Here are the most important features you should take into account when writing an email:

Subject needs to be clear and to the point. In your task, it can be, for example, something like “Suggestions on improving work productivity”.

Formal address. The mail should be addressed to your employer and should include formu...

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