People who have made a difference | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Høst 2013 | Study Guide

Forbered deg til skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk fellesfag med Studienetts egen study guide for eksamenssettet fra 21. november 2013. Eksamenen høsten 2013 tok for seg emnet "personer som har utgjort en forskjell".

Med denne study guiden veiledes du igjennom alle oppgavene. Her får du god hjelp til skrive sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter. Eksamenssettets spørsmål finner du her:

Short answer
Write a concise answer to either 1A or 1B.

A workplace of your choice is having serious financial difficulties. The boss has put this notice on the noticeboard:
Write an e-mail to your boss in response to the notice. In your e-mail you should comment on at least three of the suggestions.

Journalists often have short deadlines to meet, and sometimes their headlines are not 100% clear. Ideally, a proof-reader will spot weaknesses, but the following examples obviously slipped through the net. 
Pick four of the headlines listed below, and for each of them say how it is ambiguous. Then pick out one of the headlines you chose to comment on and suggest an alternative, clearer version.

A. Stolen laptop found by tree in local park
B. Sisters meet again after twelve years in checkout
C. Red tape holds up new bridge
D. Two ferries collide, one dies
E. Lawyers give poor free legal advice
F. Kindergarten kids make healthy snacks
G. Many passengers hit by cancelled trains
H. South African miners refuse to work after death
I. Thief gets nine months in violin case
J. Off-duty nurse helps dog bite victim

Long answer
The following tasks are based on your preparation topic: “People who have made a difference”.
Write a comprehensive and thorough answer to either 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D

How would you like to make a positive difference in the future – either in your working or private life? Write a text about how you – like many of the people mentioned in the Preparation Booklet – can make a positive difference for other people.

Your text should include:
• an introduction of the kind of difference you would like to make
• reasons for your choice
• your thoughts about how you will go about making a difference
• the effects you hope this will have
• reflections on your personal views about making a difference
• a conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your text a suitable title.

Write a text comparing the lives and achievements of two people from English-speaking countries who you think have made an important difference in society.

Your text should include:
• an introduction
• some background information about the two people, their achievements and why you chose them
• a comparison of how and why they made a difference
• a discussion about why you think their achievements are or were important
• a conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your text a suitable title.

Literature and films sometimes make people think about social issues and may influence their opinions and attitudes. This is also a way of making a difference. Write an article about a film or piece of literature that you have studied as part of your English course this
year which you think could have this kind of effect.

Your article should include:
• an introduction
• a description of the context of the film or literary text you have chosen
• an explanation of the issue raised by the text or film
• a discussion of the influence the film or text could have on its audience
• a conclusion

Feel free to add your own points.

Give your article a suitable title.

Write a short story based on Oprah Winfrey’s statement that “one small thoughtful gesture [action] can make someone else’s day”.

Your short story must:
• be clearly set in an English-speaking country and show knowledge of that country
• involve a small, everyday action
• show good understanding of the examination topic
• show aspects of the short story genre
• include some dialogue

Give your short story a suitable title.

Exam guide

In addition to this study guide, we also recommend that you read our exam guide for Engelsk fellessfag.

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People who have made a difference | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Høst 2013 | Study Guide

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