Other characters


Mr Enfield

Mr Richard Enfield is a secondary character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. His main role in the novella is to tell his story about seeing Mr Hyde.

Mr Enfield is Mr Utterson’s relative and they are close even though they have little in common. They meet up every Sunday: “they said nothing, looked singularly dull, and would hail with obvious relief the appearance of a friend. For all that, the two men put the greatest store by these excursions” (p. 5). Despite this, Mr Enfield and Mr Utterson seem quite similar: they are both respectable gentlemen leading ordinary lives, and they both have a strong sense of honor and of respectability.

Mr Enfield introduces readers to Mr Hyde, whom he saw knocking down and trampling a little girl (p. 7). He explains that he “h...

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