The short story “Clerk Wanted” by Dennis Thorp has a linear plot structure. The story begins in medias res with the arrival of Eric Colshaw for the 9:30 a.m. job interview for the position of accounts clerk. 

The events in the story take place chronologically within a short timeframe. In the interaction between the two men, Desmond is repeatedly rude to Colshaw. He gets his name wrong three times (p. 21, l. 16, l. 21, p. 22, l.8), implies he was fired from his previous job (p.21, l. 33), and interrupts Colshaw whenever he tries to speak (p. 23, l.4). These actions might make the readers suspicious, as the interaction no longer resembles a typical job interview. 

Desmond’s increasingly rude questions lead to an external conflict between Desmond and Colshaw....

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