Eric Colshaw

Eric Colshaw is an important character in the story “Clerk Wanted” by Dennis Thorp. He is physically described as “a short, thin man with light hair and blue eyes” (p. 21, l. 9). He is interested in old-time dancing, for which he has won several prizes (p. 22, ll. 1-19). For his job interview, he wears “a suit, a plain shirt and very clean shoes” (p. 21, l. 10). He has taken great care in cleaning his shoes before the interview, which suggests he is serious about wanting the job. 

Colshaw appears as a reliable, professional man. He is well-dressed for the interview and arrives on time (p. 21, ll. -1-2). This suggests he wants to make a good impression. Despite being taunted by Desmond from the beginning, he shows restraint and reacts politely. For instance: “ ‘May I p...

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