Desmond is the main character in the story “Clerk Wanted” by Dennis Thorp. He is an accounts clerk in Mr Winfield’s company (p.23, l.24). He works in the large office next to the entrance. Desmond wears glasses (p. 21, l. 27).

Desmond is an intelligent man. He tricks people into thinking he is the manager three times (p. 23, l. 22). Neither Mr Winfield, nor any of the candidates suspect anything. Desmond also lies to Mr Winfield about the candidates not showing up for the interviews as scheduled. It is also suggested he may have tampered with Mr Winfield’s car to make him late for work (p. 23, l. 18). This suggests Desmond employs dishonest, even illegal means to achieve his purpose.

Throughout the ‘interview’ with Colshaw, Desmond’s behavior...

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